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von JoeyC
01.12.2009, 23:53
Forum: Level 100-199 (english)
Thema: 108
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Help on Level 108

You can see that they eyeball cannot be moved, but the one in the square can be moved, but it disappears when moved, but that does not mean it is not there! You can still move it. See if that is enough for you to solve it. If not, post a follow-up.
von JoeyC
08.10.2009, 20:05
Forum: Level 51-99 (english)
Thema: Level 90
Antworten: 2
Zugriffe: 12214

Level 90 is Hardest

I got all 100 Levels, but, in my opinion, Level 90 was the hardest. I spent HOURS on it! If you still do not have it figured out based on the prior answer, please post again.
von JoeyC
08.10.2009, 20:02
Forum: Level 1-50 (english)
Thema: level 44
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Zugriffe: 10821

Help on Level 44

Before you throw the first ball, put the D2 onto C4, and then move B6 back to B4, so you are shooting G4, and what were originally D2 and B4. That takes care of 3 of them, and you are left with E5, which cannot be moved, so you must move F2 and H2 to line up with D5 and shoot up at them. If you can'...

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