Genius Level 85

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Genius Level 85

Beitrag von archie26 » 26.11.2011, 12:14

I need help with genius level 85

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Beitrag von aggro » 27.11.2011, 17:06

hi archie.

pushy c1 - a1 (pick up the black ball)
pushy a1 - k1
pushy k1 - k2
"item" j2 - e2
item e2 - e7
item f5 - f6
item f6 - g6
pick up key at g5
move back to h2 and throw the ball to destroy item on h6
item g6 - h6
pushy g6 - f6 - f8 - h8 (open the lock and "eat" the apple
move back to f7
item e7 - a7
move back and pick up key at d8
item a7 - a5
item c6 - b5
item d5 - d3
item d3 - a3
move pushy to a1
go over the yellow flash and move item from a3 - a4
item f3 - i3
item g4 - h4
item h6 - j6
item j6 - j4
move pushy from j5 to i5 and catch the "red pushy"
item h4 - i4
move pushy to j7
go through lock at k7 and then you're at home

i hope there's no mistake...if there's one, please tell me.

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Beitrag von archie26 » 30.11.2011, 03:12

Thanks a million!


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